The innovative green antispatter for welding

14 June 2017

Siliconi Commerciale Spa proposes ANTITEK, the innovative water-based antispatters spray for welding operations.

Antitek protects the surfaces to be welded from the adhesion of the welding drops, by performing a good protection,  with particular attention to the sustainability and health of the operator.
Antitek, thanks to its formulation is a GREEN product:

                  • chlorinated solvents free: this makes the product not harmful for the user and for the environment;
                  • silicone-free: this allows successive painting, galvanizing or chrome-plating on the treated surfaces

                  • water based

The application of Antitek is particularly well-known in all carpentries  and welding operations: MIG-MAG, electrode and automatic;  and it can be used to protect both welding pistols and welding torches.


The particular eco-compatible formulation does not produce release harmful fumes during the welding phases and acts with the same effectiveness as the solvent-based antispatters.


                                                                   ANTITEK (Art. corrente, Pag. 1, Foto normale)

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