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WS 941

17 October 2022

WS 941 Eco-friendly silicone-free defoamer

Siliconi Commerciale Spa has long been involved into the production of additives with a green vision, selecting carefully raw materials that guarantee eco-compatible and safe products, and using renewable sources.
Among these additives there is WS 941: 100% silicone-free defoamer based on renewable components.
Its main features are:

WS 941 has been developed with eco-compatible and renewable natural ingredients and is formulated to control or completely eliminate foam during the production and use of emulsion paints (including special and decorative paints) plasters and plastic coatings. It is also an excellent deaerator.
The product is perfectly stable with respect to coatings: it avoids the inconvenience of foam during the production of emulsion paints and during their applications.
It also avoids the formation of creeps or craters during applications and does not contain silicones, so it does not affect the color of the paint.

WS 941 is perfectly stable: even after a long storage period it does not separate, and the VOC is equal to zero.

Several industrial applications where an environment-friendly and renewable-based product is required.