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PK: the multipurpose spray with 7 functions

3 February 2017

PK is the degreaser multipurpose lubricant that  Siliconi Spa includes in its wide aerosols production range.

PK-purpose spray is ideal to release, lubricate, clean and de-rusting bolts, gears, tools, delicate mechanisms, electrical components,  industrial machinery from dirt, rust and oxidations.

PK  fulfills seven actions simultaneously:

  1. RELEASING AGENT for screws, bolts, mechanisms blocked by rust;
  2. LUBRICANT for moving parts, electronic parts, automotive parts, bicycles, tools;  useful for  and household too.
  3. rust-preventive action for metal surfaces,  it forms a film that grants a long last protection again corrosion caused by atmospherical agents and salt.
  4. DEOXIDIZER for electrical contacts: it reactivates the oxidized contacts and eliminates electrical dispersions;
  5. Water-repellent action: it eliminates water and moisture from all the treated surface;
  6. Antifreeze Action: resistant to temperatures below 0°C;
  7. cleaner and degreaser Action: removes grease, oil, incrustations from metal surfaces.

Among its many properties,  PK is particularly suitable for marine applications, and it does not damage rubber and plastic and contains does not silicone.

The product is available both in the standard version, and with the SMART nozzle that thanks to the practical tube, allows to reach the less accessible parts improving the product’s action.  Moreover it allows to use the product up-side-down.

PK  can be considered as a “green product” as it contains renewable raw materials and its  production process uses 80% energy coming from renewable sources

PK: lo spray multiuso 7 funzioni (Art. corrente, Pag. 1, Foto normale)