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Innovations and new challenges

Siliconi Commerciale Spa invests in Research and Development expanding the laboratories in the headquarters in Gambellara (Vicenza).

28 April 2017

Innovation has always been one of our prime missions, but as recently the demand for innovation and new solutions by the market is constantly evolving,   Siliconi Commerciale Spa is working continuously to offer new innovative products to be proposed on market.

Siliconi Commerciale Spa announces a large expansion of all its laboratories dedicated to research and development.    In addition to the expansion and improvement of the premises, new technologic devices and instruments have been added to improve the precision of researches and simplify the researches on raw materials and production technologies.
The investment did not exclude human resources, with an implementation or our R&D team that will enable us to enhance and speed up the transition from testing phases to finished products.

The team will have therefore a higher competence and instrumentation through which we hope to offer to the market more and more performing and competitive products that make the difference.




                                      Innovazioni e nuove sfide (Art. corrente, Pag. 1, Foto normale)