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"Green" Additives - WS 942

2 November 2023

Additivi "green" - WS 942 (Art. corrente, Pag. 1, Foto normale)Siliconi Commerciale Spa focused its attention on the production of green additives, choosing carefully raw materials that guarantee eco-compatible and safe products using renewable sources.
The new additives developed are antifoams formulated with natural/vegetable raw materials and  renewable sources, free from silicones and with zero VOC.
New defoamers guarantee excellent defoaming performance despite being based on vegetable oil, preventing and eliminating the foam created during the production or application of the system in which it is used.
In addition to being highly effective, if used correctly our additives do not increase the creation of cracks or craters during the application phase.

Antifoams are suitable for the production and application of water-based paints, water-based enamels, varnishes and adhesives.
Specifically, WS 942 is a 100% concentrated  defoamer and thanks to its formula it is recommended for high viscosity, high PVC systems or where high defoaming power is required.