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Zinc spray line

21 September 2016

The range of zinc sprays manufactured by Siliconi Spa, leader since 1957 in the production of technical spray, silicone emulsions and antifoams, provides the most appropriate response to all requests and needs of the customer, for protection against rust, corrosion and oxidation of metals.

Application: Cold galvazation spray is the effective solution against metal corrosion, thanks to the application of a galvanizing compound that adheres strongly to the metal surface; the surface can be successively left with the zinc layer or overpainted.

According to the application’s needs, it is possible choose between the following products:

ZINCOSIL 400 is the best seller. Thanks to its particular nuance similar to hot-galvanized metal, it’s the perfect product to finish and retouch welded surfaces. Suitable to restore zinc film on galvanized parts, gates, automotive parts and to protect metal parts subject to atmospheric agents. Among the main properties, ZINCOSIL 400 adheres well to metals, it is fast drying, it does not drip on the surface and it has a high covering power. It form an elastic film resistant to atmospheric agents, to oxidation of salty fog and it has high abrasion resistance.

ZINCOSIL 430 zinc spray ideal to finishing iron surfaces, it has shining colour. It is similar to hot galvanization and it has a high covering power, long lasting resistance to atmospheric agents, washing and salty fog, and it does not drip. It build an elastic film that resists to abrasion and adheres perfectly on the materials where it will be applied.

ZINCO 98 high zinc content spray with dark zinc colour. It forms a thick protective film ensuring high protection against rust. Particularly indicated to retouch the welded or galvanized surfaces, for the restoration of galvanized pieces and for the protection of metal parts strongly exposed to atmospheric agents. Highly resistant to salty fog. It dries quickly and it does not drip.

The products listed above are all chlorinated solvents free, therefore they are not classified as harmful.



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