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The Eco-Friendly silicone-free antifoam.

29 December 2016

To place on the market environment-friendly materials is one of the targets for Siliconi S.p.a,   manufacturer of antifoam WS 941 specially formulated with raw materials from renewable sources.

The foam created during several  industrial processes could involve some problems and affect the quality of final results, the times and costs of production.

WS 941 is a very effective anti-foam and is particularly characterized by its "green" nature.

WS 941 is the “new-generation” of anti-foams, based on natural eco-friendly ingredients coming from renewable sources.

It is mainly used to formulate ECOLABEL paints. This antifoam is formulated to control or eliminate the foam during production phases and during the paint application  of emulsion paints, coatings,  special emulsion paints, and  decorative paints.

WS 941 is an excellent deaerating for coatings and avoids the formation of the foam not only during production, but also during the application phase.

It also does not contain VOC (volatile organic


It 'also indicated to control the foam in the resin emulsions.

 L’antischiuma non siliconico ecologico (Art. corrente, Pag. 1, Foto normale)







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