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Siliconi Spa: environment-friendly production

Siliconi Commerciale Spa is always careful for the environment in its whole production.

1 October 2019

The last few decades have seen an increase in the ecological sensitivity of both producers and consumers.
Siliconi Commerciale Spa has been working for several years to create products that are more eco-compatible and environmentally sustainable with "green" and less impacting raw materials.
Not only: Siliconi Spa is also committed to making items that are safe for anyone who uses them.

An example of this type of product is Super Cleaner; let's see some of them.

Siliconi: la produzione attenta all’ambiente (Art. corrente, Pag. 1, Foto normale)

Super Cleaner is a professional concentrated degreasing detergent, formulated by Siliconi Commerciale to dissolve the different types of dirt, including difficult dirt such as oil, grease, glue, tar, grease.
Super Cleaner was created to generate a minimal impact on the environment: it is concentrated, it is not flammable, it is not harmful, it does not contain ammonia and it is not abrasive.
Super Cleaner is also biodegradable and its action is totally effective, because it cleans leaving shiny surfaces without oily residues, thanks to an additive that reduces the adhesion of dirt on the treated parts.

It can be used to clean metal, plastic, ceramic, steel, aluminum and chromium-plated surfaces. Suitable for cleaning industrial machines, worktops, motors, chromed frames, chains, chromed parts, external parts of engines, nozzles, mechanical movements, plates, iron parts, copper, car wheels etc…


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