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Siliconi Commerciale S.p.A: production in a green optic

Respect for the environment and guarantees for the future of the new generations.

14 December 2018

Siliconi Commerciale S.p.A deals with the production and distribution of high quality silicone based products for a market with very high standards. The cornerstones of the company are professionalism, speediness in solutions and a green optic that allows, even during production phase, the saving of energy and the protection of the environment.
Siliconi Commerciale SpA with seat in Vicenza is operating in the chemical field since 1957. All technologically advanced products, high quality standards and the experience of managers and staff has been for years one of the best known companies in the national and international market.

Seriousness, guarantee of punctual assistance, prompt fulfillment of the orders and an ecological footprint has distinguished it for some years.

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Why Siliconi Commerciale S.p.A is green?

Respect for the environment and guarantees for the future of the new generations. With these guidelines, Siliconi Commerciale S.p.A continues its daily production process through the choice of raw materials, which guarantee eco-compatible and safe products, and in the use of renewable sources. Let's find out more: even for 2018 Siliconi Commerciale S.p.A achieves excellent results in terms of energy requirements. For several years the company has distinguished itself for a green choice oriented to the future: thanks to its 200KW photovoltaic system, which extends over a large area of about 5000 m2, the company is 80% independent from the energetic point of view.

Thanks to the use of photovoltaic system, Siliconi Commerciale S.p.A greatly reduces the CO2 emissions into the atmosphere during the production phase. In 2018 the CO2 not released into the environment were 649.990 Kg. Innovation and investment have allowed the company to continue its production by providing its own energy needs through photovoltaics, thus using renewable and clean energy.

Siliconi Commerciale Spa

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