Multi surface cleaner for shining glasses

21 June 2016

If you seek an effective solution to clean glass or plastic surfaces, the foaming cleaner spray Pulisuper is the product for you. Practical and easy to use, it is able to eliminate any trace of dust, stains, fingerprints and stains from any type of hard surface ensuring long lasting gloss.

Whether it's cleaning plastic surfaces or wood, glass, metal or even rubber, Pulisuper will surprise you. It eliminates all types of dirt without rinsing. Thanks to its formulation, it is a foaming cleaner suitable for any type of surface.

Pulisupedr is suitable for all hard surfaces: TV screens or computers, keyboards, copiers, scanners, crystals, glass, mirrors, chandeliers, auto parts such as dashboards and windshields, tiles, chairs and tables, furniture, doors, sewing machines and bikes’ carbon frames. One-shot product to eliminate the dirt.

Pulisuper is very easy to use. Its low density white foam does not need rinsing. Just spray the propduct on the surface or on a cloth and wipe. The result will be guaranteed! Easy, right?

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