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PK Multipurpose Spray: the best solution

PK is a multipurpose lubricant for professional use specially formulated for applications in industry and crafts.

11 October 2018

7 functions in one product.

This is the great strength of the PK Spray lubricant from Siliconi Commerciale Spa, manufacturer of high quality technical aerosols for the industry.
PK is a multipurpose lubricant for professional use specially formulated for applications in industry and crafts.
It is very important to have a multipurpose product and certainly PK is the example.
In the industrial process where production often takes place in series, having a multipurpose product is really practical, because it can be used to complete many operations. PK in its convenient spray form, can solve problems for a long time, reducing the need for subsequent applications or maintenance.

 PK Spray Multiuso: la migliore soluzione (Art. corrente, Pag. 1, Foto normale)

PK manufactured by Siliconi Commerciale Spa is therefore the most suitable lubricant, because it has 7 functions. Let's analyze them in detail.

The functions of PK Multi-purpose Spray

  1. Lubricates moving parts such as gears, nuts, screws, chains, locks, motors.
  2. Penetrates and removes rust, can unlock nuts, screws, bolts.
  3. Protects against corrosion. The great peculiarity of PK is that it can create a protective film that repairs components submitted to atmospheric agents, avoiding the formation of rust.
  4. It is repellent to water, protects the treated parts from moisture forming a protective film thanks to its particular composition
  5. Dielectric: protects and helps to reactivate oxidized contacts, for example in electrical systems, eliminating possible dispersions.
  6. PK Spray is antifreeze and is able to prevent the formation of ice on the treated parts. Very useful to avoid the freezing of elements in cars and motorcycles, it is resistant to very low temperatures.
  7. Detergent: eliminates dirt from the mechanical parts, especially the most difficult dirt to remove such as oils, glues and greases.

PK is the right solution for many different types of needs and, thanks to the practical nozzle and its tube it allows to reach easily all the parts to be lubricated.

PK also has the great advantage of being a product that does not grease and leaves no residue.
PK is a product that respects the environment because raw materials come from renewable sources, and in the production phase, it is used 80% energy from renewable sources.

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