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New productive areas.

Siliconi Commerciale Spa announces the acquisition of a new building in Gambellara to expand production areas.

23 May 2017

Our company's goal is to focus on continuous improvement of the company's production, with the constant search for innovative technologies and new resources to enable us to implement production processes by offering more competitive and functional products on the market.

For this reason, Siliconi Commerciale Spa has acquired new areas in the territory of Gambellara destined to expand the production premises, in order to meet the growing production capacity required by the market. The entire expansion will increase the company's production capabilities, guaranteeing in the first place the high quality of the products, which has always underlined our business brand.
The implementation project will proceed successively with the introduction of innovative production machineries. 


                                         Nuovi spazi per la produzione (Art. corrente, Pag. 1, Foto normale)



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