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Siliconi Commerciale S.p.A. breaks down more than 533 tons of C02 with the photovoltaic system

21 December 2017

80% independent from the energy point of view, Siliconi Commerciale S.p.A. has chosen to focus on sustainability and environmental protection installing an advanced 200 kW photovoltaic system.

The photovoltaic system installed on an area of ​​about 5000 m2 allows the company to substantially reduce the carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

Siliconi Commerciale S.p.A. in fact, it reached a significant milestone in 2017, with the total reduction of more than 533.000 kg of CO2 in the atmosphere, thanks to the green energy from renewable sources.
The photovoltaic system that serves the company has produced a total of 820.057 kW / h of energy from the renewable source par excellence: solar light, thanks to which it was possible to cover 80% of the energy needs required by the company for the production of silicone products.
For this reason, Siliconi Commerciale S.p.A. is among the Green companies, offering a concrete and tangible example of a business model able to generate and use green energy from renewable sources and to reduce environmental pollution.

Siliconi Commerciale S.p.A. aims to energy efficiency, respecting the environment, the future and therefore, the future generations, always ensuring high quality standards coming from the choice not only of raw materials for the production of the company, but also from the use of green energy during the the production phases.

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