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7 July 2016

AF 16 is a new and innovative silicone antifoam product proposed by Siliconi Spa.

Formulated to prevent, control and eliminate foam from all aqueous systems with indirect food contact. Antifoam AF 16 it is recommended for all industrial processes where it is necessary to break down and prevent the foam. In particular, in all processes of water treatment; during distillation, evaporation and fermentation, production of both industrial and household detergents, production and processing of paper, production of fertilizers, pesticides, adhesives etc…

AF 16 had been formulated by a team of experts. It exploits chemical and physical basics that eliminates the air in the mixture, and it acts to prevent the successive foam building. In this way all the air bubbles bonded to each other and subsequently expelled.

Another point of strength of the defoamer AF 16 lies in its ease of use.

Really an important innovation to be employed in many industrial processes.

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